Who We Are?

Our Mission

Liberty Overseas Employment Promoter was established in 2015.It is the only company that has its offices in two different International countries i.e. (“Saudia Arabia, Kuwait”) and Three Offices working in three different local cities operating in manpower export  and has its head-office based in Lahore, with a regional office in Gujranwala, Sialkot , Pakistan.

Over the past Five Years, Liberty Overseas Employment Promoter have recruited several thousands of workers, both skilled and unskilled for the Middle East, in particular the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the organization has represented and recruited for Her Majesty’s British Government and Several International Civil Engineering companies.

As a leading recruitment agency in Pakistan, we cover all the major aspects of Human Resource Management including Recruiting, Training and Managing the payrolls. Processing in-house facilities like interview chambers, conference rooms, audio & video conferencing facilities, security and company-wide networking; We are always ready to serve your Human resource requirements and provide you with high quality workers who have passed through our rigorous assessment and interviewing process!


Extraordinary Experiences

Expert in the Manpower Field

We’ve recruited several thousands of workers both skilled and unskilled for the Middle East, in particular Gulf States including Saudi Arabia.

Do not Face Any Issue

Before workers mobilization, we verify all documents and conduct professional training sessions so that our partners can run their operations smoothly.

Our Core Values


We cover all the major aspects of Human Resource Management including recruiting, training and managing the payrolls.



Basically Liberty Overseas Employment parent company is Three Dees Travels &  Tours (Pvt) Ltd Approved IATA Agent and ISO 9001 & 9002 Certified Companies which was started in 2011.

Later on Top Management decided to launch two new businesses as well under same umbrella company TD Travels as in Three Dees Which were as following.

  1. New Life Consultant Firm for International Student Recruitment (“Currently Dealing with Newzealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia and France as well”).
  2. Liberty Overseas Employment Promoters OP&HRD/3950/LHR for Export of Manpower of all Categories (“Highly Skilled, Semi Skilled and Non Skilled”). (“Currently working with various G.C.C Countries i.e. Saudia Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Most Importantly Japan”). But the Top Management Focus is to expand operations in European Region also.